As endocrinologists, we are experienced in diagnosing abnormal production of pituitary hormones. We provide clinical evaluations and closely monitor patients throughout diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes the diagnosis of pituitary hormone overproduction or insufficiency requires more advanced neuroendocrine testing. This is done in our Clinical Investigation Unit (CIU) at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Overproduction of pituitary hormones can result in:

  • Acromegaly: too much growth hormone
  • Cushing’s disease: too much ACTH and cortisol
  • Prolactinoma: too much prolactin
  • TSH adenoma: too much production of thyroid hormone

Other pituitary tumors may be hormonally inactive, and sometimes they cause pituitary hormone insufficiency. This may also be caused by other diseases in the pituitary area, such as apoplexy or craniopharyngeomas.

As endocrinologists we are experienced in the use of drugs to reduce the hormone overproduction and in the replacement of hormones that are insufficiently produced.

Neuroendocrine testing 

In the Clinical Investigation Unit (CIU), we perform dynamic tests that will help to diagnose pituitary hormone overproduction or insufficiency. The nature of the tests varies in relation to the specific hormone that is being tested.For some tests, fasting is required of food and/or fluids. For other tests you may need to stop some medications. It's important to check with the nurse in the CIU regarding what you need to do before you come for your appointment. The nurse will also let you know approximately how long the test will take.

Upon arrival in the CIU, we will take your blood pressure and heart rate, and insert an intravenous canula, which is used for taking blood samples and to administer drugs as required for the specific test.

The CIU is located in Zone B of  St. Joseph’s Hospital, room B5-502.  Enter the hospital via Grosvenor Entrance 2 on Grosvenor Street  and take the first bank of elevators to level 5. Turn to the right to register at the the Diabetes & Endocrine Clinics.

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