Decisions regarding surgical removal of pituitary and skull base tumors are done collectively, with input from all the team members of London's interdisciplinary Pituitary Group. Once surgery is decided upon, patients are admitted to the neurosurgical service at London Health Sciences Centre's University Hospital for the surgery. Surgical cases are triaged according to urgency with wait times ranging from weeks to months. The time needed to perform the surgical procedure are patient specific and the typical hospital stay is 3-5 days following surgery.

How surgery is done

Dr. Neil Duggal directs the neurosurgical team.  The neurosurgical team is responsible for removal of the tumor and provides help in the repair of spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks. The objective of the surgical teams is always to optimize tumor removal while maintaining patient safety.

The neurosurgical and ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons work together, adopting minimally invasive endoscopic, endonasal (through the nose) techniques to eliminate incisions, optimize visualization and improve patient outcomes.

What happens after surgery

After surgery, blood work will be monitored by endocrinologists and family physicians.  The first follow-up with the neurosurgical team is 6 weeks after surgery.  A second follow up meeting at 6 months will be organized to discuss post-operative imaging and endocrine status. 


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