One-Stop Pituitary Clinic: Pituitary gland disorders

Pituitary gland disorders can affect many different parts of the body. The most frequent cause of these disorders is pituitary gland tumors, caused by abnormal growth of the cells of the pituitary. Pituitary tumors, which are fairly common in adults and are usually benign, may cause a wide variety of health problems including hormonal over- and underproduction and loss of vision.

Pituitary problems are often complex in nature, and are therefore best managed by experienced specialists. Since the pituitary gland can impact different parts of the body, specialists in various disciplines may be part of your care team. Those disciplines include: endocrinology; otolaryngology-head and neck surgery; neureondocrinology; neuroradiology; neurosurgery; and radiotherapy.

The dynamic multidisciplinary team at St. Joseph's and London Health Sciences Centre work closely together to provide streamlined diagnosis and treatment of both new and previously diagnosed pituitary and skull-based tumors, and pituitary hormone problems. We are committed to providing excellence in individualized patient care and strive to provide the one-stop clinic concept, minimizing travel for patients as much as possible.

See Diagnosis and Treatment for information on the role of the various specialities in the care and treatment of pituitary disease.

Last updated: Fri, 2013-04-19 14:47