The Green Energy Act

Encouraging the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from public buildings

The Green Energy Act was introduced into Ontario legislature in 2009 to encourage energy conservation, renewable energy production, and to promote a green economy. This Act, regulation 397, requires the broader public sector such as schools and hospitals to report their annual energy consumption to the Ministry of Energy each year, starting on July 1, 2013.

Beginning July 1, 2014, and each year thereafter, each organization will also be required to submit an energy conservation and demand management plan outlininig how the organization will reduce their energy consumption. In addition to reporting these items to the Ministry, each must be posted on the organization's internet and intranet as well as be made available in hard copy at head office.

St. Joseph's Health Care London has a long history of energy conservation. The energy retrofit projects already in place are reducing the organization's annual utility bills by over a half million dollars and employees have actively participated in reducing energy use for the last ten years.

St. Joseph's has received both provincial and national recognition for their effort in this field and fully supports the Green Energy Act as a way to encourage continued conservation throughout the Province. The hospital is well on the way to having completed its energy management plan, which will be avilable here beginning July 1, 2014.

For a copy of the longer form Ministry of the Environment submission, please contact Communication and Public Affairs


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