The Green Energy Act

Encouraging the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from public buildings

The Green Energy Act – O.Reg 397/11 was repealed with Bill 34, Green Energy Repeal Act, 2018. Provisions regarding energy and greenhouse gas emission reporting and conservation demand management plan were re-enacted in the Electricity Act, 1998. The requirements for reporting are much the same as the former Green Energy Act (listed below).

The energy conservation and demand management plan must comply with any requirements prescribed by regulation and must include the following information:

    1.   A summary of annual energy consumption for each of the public agency’s prescribed operations.

    2.  A description and a forecast of the expected results of current and proposed activities and measures to conserve the energy consumed by the public agency’s prescribed operations and to otherwise reduce the amount of energy consumed by the public agency, including by employing such energy conservation and demand management methods as may be prescribed.

    3.  A summary of the progress and achievements in energy conservation and other reductions described in paragraph 2 since the previous plan.

    4.   Such additional information as may be prescribed by regulation.

St. Joseph’s Health Care will be updating its conservation demand management plan for July 1, 2019. The conservation demand management plan as well as the annual energy and greenhouse gas reporting can be found below:

For a copy of the longer form Ministry of the Environment submission, please contact Communication and Public Affairs


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