Health Quality Ontario (HQO)

To provide the public access to easy-to-understand hospital performance information, Health Quality Ontario maintains a web site to provide information about hospitals for the general public.

Through public reporting on the quality of health care in Ontario, HQO provides an unprecedented opportunity to learn more about how hospitals are performing by location, type of care, indicator, or hospital name. The HQO site also features information on the quality of care at long-term care and home care settings in addition to the hospital sectors.

Like all public reporting on health system performance, the site strives to inspire improved transparency and performance, and strengthen the public’s confidence in Ontario’s hospitals. Ontario hospitals operate in one of the most demanding health care accountability systems in all of Canada, and HQO is another way for hospitals to demonstrate openness and transparency to their communities.

For more information, visit HQO website.

What is Quality?

Health Quality Ontario recently launched a new video series about what a quality healthcare experience means. Watch the video below or on YouTube:

Last updated: Wed, 2019-07-17 16:18