Patient and Resident Experience

patient with clinician at Ivey Eye Institute

We are committed to earning complete confidence in the care we provide to our patients and residents. 

One way we earn confidence is by asking our patients/residents and their families to provide feedback on their experiences with our care, our facilities and our physicians and staff. We gather this feedback using various survey methods (see below), as well as from comment cards, leaders and staff member input, web submissions, and patient/resident and family council feedback.

While we work to earn 100 per cent satisfaction in all our areas of care, we recognize earning confidence is a process, one that requires investment from us all and led by the needs of our patients.

For our patient surveys, we use National Research Corporation Health (an independent organization employed by many hospitals) to gather feedback from patients/residents, family members and most significant visitors.

We conduct two main types of surveys:

  • Continuous patient surveys, which are mailed to a sample patient population on a regular basis. Patients from Urgent Care Centre, Cataract and Day (Outpatient) Surgery, Rehabilitation and Specialized Geriatric Services Programs, Complex Care Program, Inpatient, and Mental Health are surveyed.
  • Annual surveys of our Veterans Care Program, Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care and Mental Health Programs are mailed to family members and most significant visitors. To maintain patient or resident confidentiality, NRC Health also conducts in-person interviews.

Questions for program areas are grouped into areas of quality and services, such as:

  • Care and communication with nurses, doctors and therapists
  • Timely care
  • Family involvement
  • Patient participation in decision-making and goal setting
  • Care transitions, and 
  • Discharge from the hospital. 

For family members and significant visitors, survey questions focus on:

  • Ability to meet patient/resident needs in areas such as activities
  • Care and services for patients
  • Communication 
  • Global quality, and 
  • Living environment.

Survey results are reviewed quarterly and/or annually and shared with St. Joseph’s Quality Council and other leadership committees comprised of key staff, physicians, and patient and family representatives. Based on the findings, these councils and committees develop, implement and evaluate initiatives in order to address areas for improvement. 

“I have the opportunity to listen to many individuals and groups. Each and every time I come away with people’s gifts of wisdom, experience, feedback and suggestions. Each and every time I hear about the compassionate care provided at St. Joseph’s.” 

– Dr. Gillian Kernaghan, President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Care London 


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