Inpatient, Cataract and Day Surgery

Surgeon preforming surgery on patient

St. Joseph’s Hospital is a unique ambulatory hospital that specializes in minimally invasive same day and short stay inpatient surgery. We care for patients with breast abnormalities, cancer, ear, nose, throat, head, face and neck disorders, eye disease, hand and upper limb conditions, reconstructive plastic surgery, urological disorders, gynecological disorders and dental surgery needs. We also provide our patients comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and follow up care.

When asked to rate “…the quality of care and services..” received, 98% of surgical inpatients, 100% of day surgery patients overall and 100% of cataract surgery patients responded “excellent”, “very good” or “good” in our most recent survey (January – March 2016). Our quarterly results are above or similar to the Ontario Teaching Hospital average (see graph below). Internally, we also set goals related to percent excellent responses and monitor this against the target on a quarterly basis.

inpatient visits

Above  graph - Inpatient Surgery Results: Rating of Overall Quality of Care
day surgery patients
Above graph - Day Surgery Patients: Rating of Overall Quality of Care
Above  graph - Cataract Suite Patients: Rating of Overall Quality of Care

For overall quality of care and services, percent positive is the percent of respondents who answered “Excellent, Very Good or Good” when response options are “Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor The number of responses for each quarter of reporting is shown below the quarter specified on the x-axis.”

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