The beat goes on

Therapeutic recreation team keeps the music flowing for residents at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care

There is nothing like the experience of hearing live music, but for residents at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care (Mount Hope) watching one of their favourite live performers via Skype – might just be the next best thing.

Residents recently experienced virtual entertainment to stay engaged and entertained thanks to a returning performer who reached out to find a way to keep the music flowing. With the help of therapeutic recreation staff, who were keen on making the performance happen, Entertainer Jeremey Smith played his country tunes via Skype to a captivated audience. 

virtual entertainment at Mount Hope“We were thrilled that Jeremy reached out to us – he has a close relationship with our residents and missed them greatly,” says Bernice Haasen, Coordinator, Therapeutic Programs at Mount Hope. “It lifted their spirits during this difficult time and kept the popular program going.”

Residents are also using Skype and Facetime to connect virtually with families – some using this type of technology for first time. 

“Look, he can see us from the screen!” said one resident who experienced Skype for the very first time. 

The therapeutic recreation team plans on welcoming Jeremey back, and all his classic country songs, in the near future.

“It’s so wonderful that you shared your music with us. We missed you, Jeremey,” said another resident who enjoyed the performance. 


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