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The operating room at St. Joseph’s Hospital has the latest and sleekest surgical robot – the da Vinci Si HD Surgical System. With touch screen controls and pre-programmed ergonomic settings, surgeons have better positioning and less chance of fatigue than with the older da Vinci model. This state-of-the-art technology includes three-dimensional, high-definition optics and monitors, and a unique imaging interface that allows surgeons to view the patient’s ultrasound and MRI images on the screen while they are operating. Improved interactive robotic arms also provide St. Joseph’s surgeons with better dexterity and reach.

The da Vinci surgical robot at St. Joseph's Hospital

“With the capabilities of the new robot we can do an increased number of procedures and more complex procedures,” says St. Joseph’s urologist Dr. Stephen Pautler.

Surgical training has also been enhanced with the new da Vinci Si’s robotic simulator that allows trainees and seasoned surgeons to sharpen their skills.

Robot assisted surgery is less invasive for patients, requiring smaller incisions with minimal scarring and less recovery time.

The da Vinci robot was purchased through a grant from St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation.

The da Vinci surgical robot at St. Joseph's Hospital

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