Because mobility enhances independence... we're helping patients get back in the driver's seat.

The seventh annual modified vehicle show took place at St. Joseph's Parkwood Hospital on September 11 hosted by the spinal cord injury rehabilitation program, this different kind of car display is organized as part of the Living Well with Spinal Cord Injury education series by the Parkwood Rehabilitation Program, with support through Spinal Cord Injury Ontario  (SCIO). 

Modified vehicle show held at Parkwood Hospital

 Cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles modified to suit specific needs were showcased. "Not only does the vehicle display give people a chance to see new and innovative modifications, it also provides an opportunity for spinal cord injury outpatients, inpatients and their families to meet one another," says psychologist Dr. Steve Orenczuk.

While some of the vehicles displayed have voice-activated hand controls and others have robotic arms that swing out to deliver the driver's wheelchair, all have been modified to give people back the independence that driving brings.

Chris Fraser and Heather Holmes
Pictured above: Chris Fraser and Heather Holmes at the Parkwood Hospital modified vehicle show.

Lance Claus at the Parkwood Hospital modified vehicle show

Pictured above: Lance Claus at the modified vehicle show.

"Driving a vehicle gives us the freedom to come and go as we please," says therapeutic recreation specialist Mike Genereaux. "But when an accident of illness snatches away that freedom, for many the solution lies with a modified vehicle."

The vehicle show is complemented by Parkwood's Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Program which serves individuals with a variety of medical conditions including brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, amputation, stroke, mental illness, cerebral palsy, driving anxiety, or spina bifida.

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