Because St. Joseph's is an exceptional place to work... we have a gold Quality Healthcare Workplace Award

St. Joseph’s has won our third Quality Healthcare Workplace Award

For the last six years St. Joseph’s Health Care London has been honoured three times with an award recognizing the incredible work and dedication of our organization to improve our workplace and focus on quality of worklife and care.

Quality Healthcare Workplace Award - Gold 2012This year St. Joseph’s won the GOLD Quality Healthcare Workplace Award (QHWA). The award was created through a partnership between the Ontario Hospital Association and HealthForceOntario and recognizes efforts to improve workplaces in ways that contribute to staff and care providers’ quality of worklife and the quality of the care and services they deliver.

Prior to the inception of the QHWA, St. Joseph’s won the Healthy Hospital Innovation Award (an earlier version of the QHWA) in 2008. “Leadership at St. Joseph’s takes quality of care and quality of worklife very seriously,” says Karen Stone, vice present, human resources.  “And we know our staff and patients benefit greatly from it.”

“St. Joseph’s is committed to improving the quality of worklife for our staff through many different mechanisms,” says Deb Miller, director, organizational development and learning services. “That includes the implementation of our learning management system, regular surveys of staff to find out where we can improve and a deliberate commitment to staff health, as articulated in St. Joseph’s strategic plan.”

The Quality Workplace Committee and the Human Resources Planning Council were both integral in both the preparation of the award submission and the work that was highlighted in the submission.

“Our Catholic history is rooted in caring for the whole person,” says Karen. “We approach our work honouring the Sisters of St. Joseph’s dedication to caregivers and ensure we have strong programs focused on staff and physicians.”

“We continually hear feedback from the community about St. Joseph’s being different,” says Deb. “We often hear compliments about our comforting and warm staff. We believe if staff are feeling supported, it’s going to show in the care and service they provide which greatly contributes to a culture of respect and pride at St. Joseph’s.”

St. Joseph’s accepted their award at the Ontario Hospital Association’s, HealthAchieve on November 6.

St. Joseph's Healthcare London receieves the Healthcare Workplace Award
Above: senior leaders from St. Joseph's Health Care London receive the Healthcare Workplace Award

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