Because technology fosters communication... patients can now learn in new ways.

Engineering the communication environment

Speech language pathologists (SLPs) at Parkwood Hospital are revolutionizing the way they help patients communicate by using tablets.

“The marvellous thing about tablets is we can now provide supported conversation in more situations, to more patients, in more ways,” explains Margo Clinker, SLP with the Neurotrauma Rehab and Assistive Technology Enabling Possibilities programs.

“Tablets foster a better learning environment because they’re fun, interactive and engaging,” says Crystal Branco, SLP with the Community Stroke Rehab Team. For patients with aphasia who have difficulty with speaking, understanding others, reading and writing, the tablet’s multimedia options ease their frustration by encouraging two-way conversation.

learning with speech language pathology care team

Speech language pathologists (SLPs) are no longer photocopying reams of paper now that therapeutic activities are available on tablets, which are like portable versions of the SMARTboard (shown in background). SLPs involved in the project, from left, Penny Welch-West, Valerie Zouzal, Margo Clinker, Debra Medzon, Danya Walker, and Julie Hughes. Crystal Branco is pictured on the SMARTboard. Missing from picture: Stephanie Muir-Derbishire, Connie Ferri, Becky Orenczuk, Ellyn Suski, and Anna Maria Koo. 

The tablets are a boon to SLPs too as they no longer have to lug heavy devices and masses of paper with most tools accessible on the tablet.

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