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The final phase of the transformation of St. Joseph's Hospital has begun!

Staff and media gathered around St. Joseph’s President and CEO Dr. Gillian Kernaghan, who stood in front of a 14-foot sign announcing the final phase of renovations.

Video of M2P3 sign unveiling and speech by President and CEO Dr. Gillian Kernaghan
click to view the speech by President and CEO Dr. Gillian Kernaghan at the sign unveiling for the start of St. Joseph's Hospital renovations

Building Our Future

St. Joseph's Hospital restructuring time lapse"Thank you to those who have come out this morning to celebrate the official start of yet another milestone -- the last phase of acute care restructuring known to us as M2P3."

With help from Marcie Grail, the new Board Chair, Gillian revealed the project sign. The celebration of the last phase of redevelopment was followed up by a hard hat tour of Zone B level 3 where work was already underway on the former neonatal/perinatal care area.

The final phase of acute care restructuring will renovate 70, 000 square feet and build a 65, 000 square-foot addition at the corner of Richmond and Grosvenor, replacing the current building that fails to meet today’s standards. This new facility, rated LEED Silver, will have barrier free designs for accessibility and brighter spaces thanks to natural light.

Artist's rendering of the redeveloped St. Joseph's Hospital
artist's rendering of the new Richmond and Grosvenor streetscape of St. Joseph's Hopsital

B3 will be transformed into a state-of-the-art facility for outpatient clinics, such as Pulmonary Functions, Cardiac Rehab, Pain Management, Cardiovascular Investigation Unit and Infectious Diseases Care. There will be offices for research and an increase of exam rooms.

St. Joseph's is very proud of its roots, and the compassionate care initiated and instilled by the Sisters of St. Joseph, who began their mission in 1869, right across the street at Mount Hope. The  Hospital was once a residential home, and the original chapel was a nook in a covered area over a side porch. Today the Chapel, built in 1915, is a London heritage site, and will remain as a community place for worship and prayer. It will be safeguarded during the restructuring along with the Cucumber tree, a rare species in these far North, which stands between two wings on Grosvenor.

"While we’ve made it a priority to preserve our past, we look towards St. Joseph’s future - this sites future - as part of one of the best academic hospital organizations in Canada.  Today we are delighted to reveal another major step on our path to transforming health care in our region and to ensure that St. Joseph’s legacy of care, teaching and research, thrives in the spirit of our founders and our community for generations to come," said Gillian.

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