Because of your support... our legacy of surgical innovation continues

Because of the support of our community, our surgical legacy continues. Thank you to the almost 1000 community members who attended the 2012 St. Joseph's Tribute Dinner on September 13 to help advance surgical innovation at St. Joseph's through St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation.

Celebrating 125 years of leading-edge surgical care and discovery

View the featured video shown at the Tribute Dinner, celebrating surgical innovation at St. Joseph's - past, present and future:

This year’s Tribute Dinner recognized the unique environment at St. Joseph’s Health Care London which, over many decades, has nurtured discovery and innovation advancing surgical care around the world.

The evening honoured the talented medical leaders and teams, whose vision and drive for excellence continues to inspire new approaches and techniques for better patient care. The evening also paid tribute to London’s Callaghan family. Rooted in the leadership of Dr. V.A. Callaghan this family has played a key role in the growth and development of St. Joseph's. The night was capped off by the crowd pleasing musical guests, Naturally 7.

One of the next steps in surgical innovation at St. Joseph’s is developing inside the renowned Hand & Upper Limb Centre which is exploring the potential of leading-edge technologies for specialized surgery on hands, arms and shoulders. Innovative technologies developed in the new Surgical Mechatronics Laboratory will help reduce pain, recovery time and hospital stays; extend the life of joint implants; and negate the need for multiple surgeries.

Proceeds from the event will support patient and resident care at St. Joseph's Health Care London through St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation.

Celebrating 125 years of surgical innovation

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