Because your time is important... Patients now receive automated phone reminders.

New reminder call system goes into effect for diagnostic imaging appointments

There's nothing new about automated reminder calls. We get them from dentists, orthodontists, optometrists, chiropractors and other professionals in the community. Now some patients of St. Joseph's Health Care London can also expect to receive the helpful reminder. 

To better serve patients and reduce wait times, all patients with a diagnostic imaging appointment at St. Joseph's Hospital and Parkwood Hospital will begin receiving an automated reminder call.

The reminders will began June 25 for MRI patients and will be expanded to all diagnostic imaging appointments over the next several weeks. The automated call will provide the location, date and time of the appointment and a phone number for additional information. During the call, patients can confirm or cancel the appointment. 

About 80,000 scheduled diagnostic imaging scans are performed at St. Joseph's every year. Currently, the no-show rate for scheduled appointments is about eight per cent, which significantly impacts efficiency and wait times, explains Diane Smith, Coordinator, Diagnostic Imaging Centre.

"The goal is to improve patient satisfaction and reduce imaging wait times," says Diane. "Patients will receive the reminder call about one week before their appointment. Any cancelled appointment can then be filled with another patient."

Patients can change their preferred phone number or opt out of the reminder call system by calling Privacy and Freedom of Information at 519 646-6100, ext. 65591. Each time a patient arrives and registers for their appointment, they also have an opportunity to opt out or change their preferred phone number. 

"The system is really no different than what many dentists and other health professional in the community do," says Diane.  "It's a helpful service for patients that also allows us to improve our service."

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