Improving cancer services across the region

Two St. Joseph’s physicians are playing a key role in shaping cancer services in the region, particularly for women, with their appointment to the clinical leadership team of the South West Regional Cancer Program.

Regional Breast Imaging Lead

Dr. Anat Kornecki, Medical Director, Breast Imaging, St. Joseph’s Breast Care Program, has assumed the role of Regional Breast Imaging Lead that will see her play a critical role in improving the quality, safety, consistency and accessibility of cancer services for breast imaging and breast cancer screening. Dr. Kornecki will champion the strategic vision and goals of the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) and the Quality Management Program (QMP) in collaboration with the radiologist-in-chief and the mammography QMP provincial lead.  In addition, the role involves monitoring regional performance and advising on system performance and quality improvement opportunities within the region and province.

Dr. Anat Kornecki with patient

"My experience in radiology will enable me to provide strong, visionary leadership in all aspects of breast imaging," says Dr. Kornecki. "I look forward to joining the South West team and advancing the work outlined in the South West Regional Cancer Plan as it relates to breast imaging in the South West region."

Regional Colposcopy Lead

Dr. DiceccoDr. Robert Di Cecco, Medical Director of St. Joseph’s Colposcopy Clinic, is the Regional Colposcopy Lead for the South West region. This is a new role in the South West, created to improve quality, safety and accessibility from prevention and screening to diagnosis, treatment and appropriate management of pre-invasive cervical diseases. As the Regional Colposcopy Lead, Dr. Di Cecco will provide guidance to build, foster and maintain quality colposcopy and cervical screening services throughout the region.

"The role of Regional Colposcopy Lead is exciting in that it is new,” says Dr. Di Cecco.  “I will be engaging and collaborating with colposcopy and cervical screening providers across the region to implement provincial quality initiatives. The first order of business is to establish a community of practice in the South West that will provide the foundation for the important work ahead."



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