Introducing St. Joseph's Hospital, the movie

For many Londoners, St. Joseph’s Hospital is affectionately rooted in history as the place they were born or where they started their own families. But some may wonder what goes on at St. Joseph’s Hospital today. After many years of health care restructuring the hospital is very different than it was - even a decade ago.

Over the past 17 years, St. Joseph’s Hospital has been transformed in every way, from the programs and services, to the patients served, to the building itself with nearly every corner rebuilt or revitalized to accommodate today’s health care needs and the latest in technology.

Take a glimpse inside the clinics, operating rooms, labs and classrooms at St. Joseph’s Hospital through a three-part short video series. Learn about St. Joseph’s Hospital as it forges a new era of care, teaching and research and see just what happens within the walls. The videos, made possible through the generous support of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, provides insight into St. Joseph’s Hospital – as it is today.

St. Joseph's Hospital

Pictured above: St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario.

With fewer than 30 beds, St. Joseph’s Hospital – one of four main sites of St. Joseph’s Health Care London – is redefining what it means to be a hospital. The focus is on outpatient care of complex medical issues like breast abnormalities, conditions of the eye, and hand and upper limb injuries, as well as chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis and asthma, to name a few. Patients receive care and return home the same day. St. Joseph’s Hospital is also home to a state-of-the-art surgical centre providing day or short-stay surgery, including minimally invasive procedures in many areas of care. Each year, nearly 400,000 outpatient visits are made to the specialty clinics at St. Joseph’s Hospital and about 22,000 surgeries are performed. Find a full list of our programs and services in our areas of care section.

By working together, programs and teams are redesigning care with the patient journey in mind – creating pathways for patients with more than one health concern to be treated by teams on the same day if possible. Researchers, meanwhile, work side-by-side with clinicians to bring advances directly to the clinics, while a commitment to teaching is ensuring that knowledge developed at St. Joseph’s continues to improve the way care is delivered across Ontario and far beyond.

At the same time, the strength of St. Joseph’s Hospital remains its legacy – the mission, vision and values instilled by the Sisters of St. Joseph, which remains the cornerstone of all that takes place within the hospital. As it was in 1888, St. Joseph’s Hospital strives to earn complete confidence in the care we provide.

Come travel inside St. Joseph’s Hospital to see what has changed, where the hospital is headed, and, equally important, what will always remain the same.

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