Our People: Meet Lisa Autuchiewicz

As an attendant in Central Transport (otherwise known as portering or porter), Lisa is responsible for transferring patients within the facility to and from their destinations by stretcher, wheelchair or walking escort. In addition to transporting patients, Lisa also ensures lab specimens and charts are taken to the various departments around St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Lida AutuchiewiczTypical day:

Like many others, there is no typical day for Lisa. The only activity she’s guaranteed to do a lot is walking. And walking a lot she does. Lisa predicts on an average day she will walk 12 km or more. The work she performs each day is physical as she navigates patients through the busy corridors. 



Personal touch:

“I treat patients the way I wish to be treated, with respect, compassion and if warranted, a good dose of humor,” says Lisa. “After all, laughter is the best medicine.”

In her role, she is known by colleagues for her speed of gliding through the corridors and her sharp sense of humor. Typically patients visiting the hospital can be anxious, scared or frustrated. To comfort them, Lisa adopts an empathetic perspective by putting herself in the patient’s shoes to make them feel their best during their visit. She understands it’s important to handle each person’s situation individually when receiving care.

Lisa also has a passion for health and safety which is demonstrated by her 20-year-appointment to the Health and Safety Committee and 13 years as Co-Chair Worker Representative. She is a huge advocate for health and safety and takes this responsibility very seriously. 

Just for fun:

For fun, Lisa enjoys taking boxing classes, using a punching bag at home, reading and listening to music. She also loves to spend time with her family – husband of 22 years and their two teenage boys aged 15 and 16, along with their beloved cat Sheldon Cooper (or Sheldon when he's not up to his shenanigans). 

Likely a result of being a certified chef, Lisa is most famous for her homemade goodies, which she loves to surprise various departments and individuals with, as her way of saying “thank you”.

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