Promoting meaningful activities and self expression

Paint day for patients

Therapeutic recreationists from Parkwood Institute Mental Health Care held a paint day for patients on August 23. The event brought 33 patients together to engage in meaningful activity that focused on creative expression through art. 

Paint day staff

It was an afternoon of active engagement for participants as they sat side by side supporting one another, and a celebration of uniqueness as each patient developed their own personal painting. 

Therapeutic recreation in mental health care promotes leisure and well-being through recovery based programming, whereby patients are engaged in activities that are meaningful to them, and provides opportunities to explore activities they may have never experienced before. 

Kim Start

Kim Start, a local self-taught artist from Studio70 who facilitated the session, volunteered both her time and art supplies, while the paint was generously funded by St. Joseph's Volunteer Services.

Kim Start and artists

Since everyone's journey to recovery is different, Kim's art session was an excellent opportunity for individuals to foster their creativity. "Live your best life," was Kim's inspiring message to participants. "Know that you don't have to be good at art, you just have to be open to trying something new." 

Paint day

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