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More than one-third of seniors will experience a fall and falls are the leading cause of injuries among Canadians 65 years and older. November is fall prevention month and St. Joseph’s Health Care London aims to prevent falls both in hospital and at home. Learn how ConnectCare helps older adults maintain their independence – and bring families peace of mind.

While attempting to get up from her living room chair, Mary Anne Dowding’s 91-year-old mother Kathleen fell to the ground and was unable to reach the phone to call for help. Alone and injured, Dowding’s mother managed to press the button on her ConnectCare device and got the help she desperately needed.

“My mother suffered a black eye, bruised hip and broken wrist, but the fall and outcome could have been much worse if she hadn’t been able to press that button,” recalls Dowding.

Mary Anne and family

Her mother was wearing a ConnectCare AutoAlert button around her neck at the time of the fall. 

ConnectCare, part of Parkwood Institute, is a program for older adults, people with physical disabilities, or those who live alone who are at risk for falls and medical emergencies. With a click of a button subscribers are instantly connected to help through a medical alert system. The AutoAlert system also calls for help when a subscriber falls and is unconscious or immobilized.

Dowding introduced her mother and father to ConnectCare to help alleviate concerns she had with falls and her aging parent’s health. 

“It was very important for my parents to live in their own home,” says Dowding. “ConnectCare gave me peace of mind because I knew they had protection. “  

ConnectCare also gave her parents peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy their home and hobbies. Dowding’s father was an avid gardener and her mother knew help was available if her husband happened to fall when she was not around.

When Dowding’s father passed away, it was even more important for her mother to have help in the event of a fall.

“I lived more than 40 minutes away and I worried about the distance, especially in the winter, if my mother did suffer from a fall, “she says. “It’s necessary when people live alone to have a device like ConnectCare to let people know you need assistance.”

For Dowding and her mother, help was needed on that frightful day the fall occurred.  With a click of a button – help arrived just in time. 

“It really is peace of mind for everyone,” says Dowding.

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