Our People: Peter Kreis, Emergency Management and Risk Specialist


In less than two sentences, Peter Kreis explains his role as “fast paced, forever changing and always focused on safety.”

Typical Day:

No matter what the day brings him, Peter views each task with a safety-first lens. His responsibilities for each of St. Joseph’s sites includes reviewing and updating fire safety plans, providing fire-safety training, conducting monthly fire drills and working with local Fire Departments to complete facility inspections. 

When he’s not working to prevent fires through drills and training, Peter helps hospital departments identify other potential risk areas or non-compliance orders. He also reviews deficiencies in fire prevention and emergency-management equipment to ensure processes are addressed in a timely manner. 

Peter Kreis with fire prevention simulator

Peter provides consultation and collaboration with all areas to support and promote emergency preparedness and fire prevention. If a fire or emergency should occur, he must investigate and document all incidents. 

Personal Touch: 

For almost a decade, Peter has been a part of the St. Joseph’s Health Care London family, beginning in February 2008 as a security guard at the former Regional Mental Health Care St. Thomas facility and then transferring to St. Joseph’s Hospital just before the newly built Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care opened. In November 2012, Peter was promoted to site lead security at St. Joseph’s Hospital and in early 2016 transitioned to security specialist. In May 2017, he accepted the role of emergency management and specialist. 

With emergency management and preparedness growing as an organizational asset, Peter draws on the knowledge he gained as a security guard to help support and train staff via an interactive, experienced-based approach. After more than nine years at St. Joseph’s, he has built meaningful relationships with staff throughout the organization. These relationships assist in providing an integrated and proactive approach to creating a safe environment for all individuals working or visiting St. Joseph’s facilities.

“Emergency Management is a growing industry and the opportunities to learn new skills are endless,” says Peter. “I feel fortunate to have been able to start at St. Joseph’s as a first responder in the Security Services Department and now have the opportunity to assist in emergency preparedness for the organization.” 

Just for fun: 

Like many others, Peter loves to travel but what’s most unique is his definite love for exploring our own great country, which includes trips to Vancouver, Kelowna, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and several locations across Ontario. 

During his travels, he makes an effort to check out the local hiking trails. Some of his favourite hikes include The Devil’s Punchbowl in Hamilton and trails at historic locations such as Fingal Wildlife Management. 

It only makes sense that on recent excursion to Lake Louise that Peter would propose to his now fiancée Kandice (pictured). 

Peter Kreis with fiancee Kandice

“On the drive to Lake Louise, the two of us joked about finding a rock from the mountains and taking a picture of it on her finger as a joke for our family. To keep the joke going, during all our hikes on the trip I kept asking if she had found the perfect rock yet. While touring Lake Louise, we took a hike up a mountain and after reaching the top with her back to me, I asked one more time if she found a perfect rock. After she responded no, I got down on one knee and asked, “How about this rock?” When she turned around, I asked her if she would marry me and she said, “Yes.””

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