Rock the Parkwood rocks it out of the park

On a sunny afternoon in September, dozens of patients and residents from across St. Joseph’s Health Care London came together for the 10th annual “Rock the Parkwood” concert.

Fan-favourite RBC/DC donated their time and musical talent to entertain the crowd with rock tunes from the past decades, giving patients a chance to groove to the beat of some classics. 

Rock the Parkwood

“Of the 10 years we’ve been holding ‘Rock the Parkwood,’ RBC/DC has been here eight times,” says Judy Beitz, therapeutic recreation specialist at Parkwood Institute. “It’s difficult to get our patients out to concerts for a variety of reasons – but having RBC/DC come to us, we’re able to reach a large number of folks in one setting.”

Patients agree. “It was my first concert ever! Loved every moment of the afternoon and hearing songs I love,” says one patient. 

Another states, “I have been to ‘Rock the Parkwood’ several times and I always love seeing everyone enjoying themselves as much as I do.”

Now that the 2019 edition of “Rock the Parkwood” is in the books, it’s onto 2020.

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