St. Joseph's facts and stats - a tale worth telling

Did you now that nearly one million outpatient and outreach visits were made to St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s (St. Joseph’s) programs and services in 2016-2017? Or that 21,624 day surgeries were performed here, approximately 42,000 visits were made to the Urgent Care Centre, and nearly 2,000 residents, clinical fellows and medical students were trained at St. Joseph’s last year?

Numbers often tell a fascinating story. And that makes St. Joseph’s annual facts and stats an intriguing read. Updated annually, these figures merely hint at the impressive care, teaching and research underway by dedicated teams across the organization. 

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St. Joseph's by the numbers...

By the numbers for 2016-2017, St. Joseph’s is a tale worth telling:

  • 944,424 – the number of outpatient/outreach visits that took place across the organization
  • 21,624 – the number of day surgeries at St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • 41,592 – the number of visits to the Urgent Care Centre at St. Joseph’s
  • 1,042 – the total number of beds across St. Joseph’s
  • 4,000 – the number of staff across St. Joseph’s
  • 942 – the number of volunteers who gave of their time to support programs and services across the organization
  • 1,915 – the number of residents, clinical fellows and medical students who trained at St. Joseph’s as part of their medical education
  • 833 – the number of nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, nutrition and other health discipline students who gained experience and knowledge at St. Joseph’s as part of their education 
  • 131 – the number of Lawson Health Research Institute scientists based at St. Joseph’s 
  • 330 – the number of personnel, students and others involved in Lawson research
  • 746 – the number of Lawson research projects underway across the organization

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