Strategic Plan 2015-2018

St. Joseph’s corporate strategic plan is the compass that guides our organization. It is an important building block for the achievement of our vision- to earn the complete confidence of all those who look to us for care, education and research, and to fulfill the breadth and scope of our mission of health and healing.

The three year plan, launched in June 2015, is our roadmap through 2018. Within each of those three years key initiatives and goals are outlined for that fiscal year, to strengthen our performance in the care we provide to our patients, the environment we create for our people and our leadership in clinical, education and research excellence. 

Accomplishments in year one

We made good strides in year one of our new strategic plan (2015/2016) to ensure patients and families are partners in their care, in our relentless pursuit of safety, and to optimize transitions through care. 

Our strategic focus on recovery and rehabilitation, integrated complex chronic disease management and innovations in ambulatory surgery are also showing strong results, which you can read about on in our 2015/2016 Annual Report 

For example, learn how our cardiac rehabilitation and diabetes programs are, together, wrapping services around patients recognizing that people come to us with multiple complex continuing needs. We are breaking down disease-specific silos to serve patients in new ways that improves access to care, outcomes and quality of life.  

Read too about promising research aimed at inducing remission of type two diabetes, a world first in imaging technology, a Canadian first in spinal cord injury rehabilitation, how music is igniting memories for our long term care residents, and much more.

Continuing the journey

Here, we highlight for you the priorities and goals that have been identified for year two (2016/2017). 

Through these priorities we will continue to build on our strengths in culture, service, leadership and partnerships, working to continuously improve, to build strong relationships and to be our best. 

Our Patients- Guided by their voices; excellence always

Strategic Priorities

1. Ensure patients and families are full partners in their care, and in the design, measurement and improvement of care.

Year 2 goal:

  • Create our principles and plan for our patient partnership philosophy by building on our accomplishments in year one

2. Embrace the relentless pursuit of safety – everywhere

Year 2 goals:

3. Optimize transitions through the care system with and for patients, residents and families.

Year 2 goals: we will focus on the following areas to improve access and transitions:

  • Contribute and provide leadership where appropriate to improved home and primary care within the “Patient First” model
  • Optimize transitions of care between LHSC and St. Joseph’s for our stroke and mental health populations

Our People- We are passionate and fulfilled in our service

Strategic Priorities

  1. Achieve leadership excellence.
  2. Enhance staff well-being and safety.
  3. Lead in staff and physician engagement.
  4. Develop high performing teams.

Year 2 goals:

  • Driving point of care leadership through role clarity, development and support 
  • Advance the national standards for workplace psychological wellness 

Clinical, Education and Research Excellence- Drive the best practices of tomorrow

Strategic Priorities

1. Recovery and rehabilitation – body, mind and spirit

Year 2 goals:

  • Recruit Ivey Chair for Parkwood Institute Research
  • Develop plan/blueprint for recovery and rehabiltation focused on enhancing integrated models of care delivery for patients served at Parkwood Institute
  • Launch proof of concept research initiatives for Cognitive Vitality & Brain Health  
  • Develop proposals for centre of activity/mobility, fitness/nutrition and neurotherapeutics
  • Mobilize action plans for mental health research themes of smart technologies, suicide prevention and mood disorders
  • Complete pilot phase for zero suicide and develop scale up plan at the system level
  • Complete feasibility study for amalgamation of LHSC and St. Joseph's mental health programs

2. Integrated complex chronic disease management (CDM)

Year 2 goals:

  • Create integrated pathways of care across our chronic disease programs as per CDM blueprint
  • Initiate report care pathway and patient outcome data based on implementation of the blueprint  
  • Share results of pathway integration at minimum of two provincial/national/international conferences
  • Open clinical trials facility at St. Joseph’s Hospital, start experimental arrhythmia/stroke prevention clinic and consolidate of type 1 diabetes research group around artificial pancreas development. 
  • Identify funding sources to begin expansion of imaging GMP space, obtain pre-clinical equipment for biomarker quality control, and deliver a new biomarker for early diagnosis of cardiac disease. 
  • Develop venture capital partnership to deliver two new future microbiological therapies for urogenital infections.

3. Innovation in ambulatory surgery

Year 2 goals:

  • Identify the areas of growth for ambulatory surgery and continue to innovate technology, care process, models of care
  • Develop and begin implementation of a city-wide biobanking business plan for surgical specimens. 
  • Finalize industry partnership to gain access to 3D printing of orthopaedic implants. 
  • Prepare and submit city-wide equipment grant application from musculo-skeletal science/orthopaedics 

Visit for the full three year plan.

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