Support diabetes awareness - take a selfie

In support of World Diabetes Day on Nov. 14, the Diabetes Education Centre (DEC) team at St. Joseph’s Hospital is urging everyone to participate in the “Blue Circle Selfie” campaign.

The blue circle is the global symbol for diabetes awareness. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) app can be downloaded to cell phones, where a blue circle can be filtered onto any pictures taken from the device. The “Blue Circle Selfie” invites groups and individuals to upload their pictures on all media platforms to show unity in support of diabetes awareness and promotion.

photo of Diabetes team

The IDF estimates that as many as 193 million people globally have diabetes who are unaware of their condition. This year’s campaign theme, “Eyes on Diabetes”, highlights the importance of screening for early diagnosis, treatment and management of diabetes to help reduce serious complications. More than one third of people with diabetes will develop some form of damage to their eyes that can lead to vision loss. For more information and to take your own selfie, visit the Blue Circle campaign.

On Nov. 14-18 at St. Joseph’s Hospital, the DEC team will have a display in the Zone C lobby (Cheapside Street entrance) to raise awareness of the worldwide epidemic of diabetes and provide information on signs, symptoms and risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. 

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