Taking the 'high road' to raise awareness for diabetes

Combining a passion for diabetes care and cycling, diabetes educator Amanda Mikalachki is taking the high road – literally – on two wheels to improve diabetes management in developing countries.


Amanda (pictured above), a member of the interdisciplinary team of St. Joseph’s Primary Care Diabetes Support Program, has joined Team Type 1 (TT1) Foundation, a global group established to instill hope and inspiration for people affected by diabetes. It has become a movement to demonstrate worldwide that, with appropriate diet, exercise, treatment and technology, anyone with diabetes can achieve their dreams.

From Aug. 23-29, Amanda will join TTI on an Haute Route Alps cycling event, which will take her from Nice to Geneva - a trek of 770 kms and more than 21,500 metres of vertical climbing in seven days. The route is considered one of the highest and toughest amateur cyclosportives in the world.  Amanda is the only Canadian woman, registered nurse, diabetes educator riding.

Currently, 371 million people worldwide are affected by diabetes and many needlessly suffer from preventable complications or die because they don’t have access to the medication or tools necessary to manage their condition, says Amanda. Considered the pandemic of the 21st century, diabetes will be the seventh leading cause of death in 2030, projects the World Health Organization.

“Failure to complete this ride is not an option,” says Amanda, who is currently training diligently and raising funds for the epic ride. The money goes to those affected by diabetes in developing countries who have little access to medication (insulin, oral agents), tools (meters, strips, insulin pens, needles) and education – all fundamental to the successful management of diabetes and the prevention of complications.

“Team Type 1 Foundation exists because everyone with diabetes deserves the right to lead a healthy and productive life,” says Amanda. “The partnership of TT1 and Haute Route will support the foundation’s global mission of equal access to life saving medication, tools and resources for everyone living with diabetes while promoting the importance of activity and sport as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Amanda hopes to personally raise $15,000 for TT1 and inspire her own patients as well as others around the world as she embarks on what she says will be a life-changing journey.

You can follow Amanda’s adventure on facebook.

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