Our People: Today I met... Albert Twiner

Listening to the voices of our patients, residents, family members and staff is important to ensuring we provide safe, quality care. Each and every time I meet with someone I come away with the gift of their wisdom, experience, feedback and suggestions. Each and every time I hear about the compassionate care provided at St. Joseph’s.

Today I met... is an opportunity to capture the real life experiences of patients, residents and our staff at St. Joseph's London. These features will highlight the experiences and roles of people at St. Joseph's and how individuals work together and collaborate for healthier communities. Dr Gillian Kernaghan, President & CEO met and talked with Albert Twiner. 

Gillian and Albert Twiner

Above: Albert Twiner with Dr. Gillian Kernaghan

Today I met Albert Twiner, a veteran of World War II. Albert has been a resident at Parkwood Institute in the Veterans Care Program for the past four years. At 91-years-old, Albert has a wealth of knowledge and an incredible life story. He shared with me the tale of his youth, growing up in England and joining the military when he was 18. During the war, he was a truck driver carrying supplies and personnel to various locations across Europe. I met with Albert to thank him for his service, but also to hear about his experience as a resident at Parkwood Institute, what we do well and what we could do better. 

Albert leads a busy life and participates in many of the programs offered in Veterans Care. A self-proclaimed “tinkerer” he most enjoys the Veterans Arts program where he uses his talents to create. In the past, he has made several turntables using all wood and recycled materials, and he is currently working on a re-engineering a folding leg stool. 

I asked Albert if there was any particular staff member he would want me to recognize and was happy to hear he wouldn’t want to mention any specific name, because there have been so many who have provided him excellent care. 

While pleased with his care, Albert said he could help us be more efficient in reusing some of the materials in our hospital and I invited him to contact me anytime to share his ideas. Watch part of our conversation. 

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