Year in Review: Top stories of 2018

St. Joseph’s takes a look back at some of its most read and trending stories during 2018.

1. New breast cancer surgery approach improves survivorship and leaves women looking and feeling whole

A London surgeon is leading a shift across Canada to new breast surgery techniques that are dramatically changing the outcome and quality of life for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Full story>  




2. A soldier's story of finding hope

Ten years ago, Wes McTeer, was on the battlefields in Afghanistan. At 21 years of age, alongside fellow soldiers, he cleared main supply roads of improvised explosive devices and mentored the Afghan National Police.

Full story >

3. Painting your passion

WWII veteran Bob Armstrong sits diligently in a busy art studio at Parkwood Institute. A light from a nearby window cascades on what was once a blank canvas – now filled with life and colour.

At 91, the accomplished artist has not lost his touch. Full story >

4. DocTalks

DocTalks is a series of community health discussions featuring leading physicians and researchers at St. Joseph’s Health Care London. Learn from the experts how St. Joseph’s is tackling the pressing health issues of our time and why it matters to you and your familyFull story >

5. Reducing diabetes related amputations

The numbers are startling. Half of all limb amputations in Ontario are directly related to diabetes. Of those, 85 per cent are a result of a foot ulcer (breakdown of the skin) that won’t heal. Full story >

6. COPD patients breathe in benefits of fitness

Just a few months ago, Jim Kenny would have described himself as fragile. He couldn’t walk to the end of his lane to take out the garbage. He was depressed with no social life and dwindling independence. “I was in desperate shape.” Full story >

7. In creative pursuit of recovery

Everyone knows Richard has talent. The room falls silent as he clears his throat, pulls the microphone close, strums an intro chord and eases into a soulful ballad. Full story >

8. Unmasking brain injury

Confusion. Fear of the unknown. Worry about the future. Somehow, Niki Foulon manages not to be overwhelmed by these emotions as she shares the story of how her brain injury has affected her life. Instead, she lets them flow through paint strokes onto the stark white canvas of a mask. Full story >

9. A glimpse into Canada's earliest days of hockey

St. Joseph’s is a key player in an intriguing exploration of the earliest days of hockey in Canada. Full story >

10. The secret to 70 years of marriage

As Arthur and Glenna Stenning (pictured above) retell the story of how they met more than 70 years ago, they sit side-by-side holding hands. This display of affection shows their love for each other has remained strong, even after all these years. Full story >

Nisa and her family

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