Long-term Mechanical Ventilation

There are six beds within the Complex Care Program used for residential care of “medically stable” ventilator dependent individuals. The purpose of transferring these individuals to the Complex Care Program is to provide a more appropriate setting to care for and manage their health, welfare and social needs. This transfer will also help increase the capacity of critical care areas across the region. This facility is not mandated, staffed or resourced to facilitate protocols for attempting weaning from mechanical ventilation.

Admission Criteria for Long-Term Mechanical Ventilation (LTMV):

  • Medical Stability - non-respiratory organs dysfunction has been stabilized
  • Patient is alert and able/willing to co-operate with care plan; able to access the call bell system and direct own care
  • Treatment plan for all medical conditions is in place
  • Respiratory stability has been established
  • Comprehensive plan of care has been developed

Important information on LTMV admission criteria 
For applications received from facilities outside London, the home unit (facility outside of London) is required to work closely with Parkwood Institute to ensure all the above criteria are met. The application to Parkwood Institute, by the home unit, will include the Parkwood Institute admission application, a medical summary of the potential admission by the home unit (e.g., summary of stay and issues), and a written repatriation agreement between the home unit and the Critical Care Program at London Health Sciences Centre indicating a commitment by the home unit to accept the patient back immediately if assessed as unsuitable for the Parkwood Institute environment.

  • Patients admitted to Long-Term Mechanical Ventilation are required to pay a co-payment fee.

    The provincial government sets a co-payment fee for patients in Long-Term Mechanical Ventilation.

Print out and complete the Long Term Mechanical Ventilation referral for admission form and fax it to Parkwood Access at 519 685-4804.


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