Amputee Program

All referrals to the Amputee rehabilitation program must be assessed at Parkwood’s outpatient amputee clinic. This process is initiated by completing a physician to physician referral form and faxing it 519-685-4075. 

The amputee program is an eight bed in-patient program.  We are a regional program serving residents who live within the boundaries of the Erie St. Clair and South West LHINs. The primary mandate of the program is to fit individuals who have lost a lower limb with an artificial limb (prosthesis) and to train and educate them in its use. (Individuals with upper limb amputations are normally managed on an out-patient basis.)

Admission Criteria for Amputee

  • Has an amputation of the lower limb
  • Willingness to work with the rehabilitation team and accept recommendations

Exclusion Criteria for Amputee

  • Mental incapacity that prevent the person from learning the steps to correctly put the limb on (no consistent family/caregiver that can be taught)
  • Severe cardiac involvement
  • Severe bilateral knee or hip contractures - greater than 35 degrees
  • Bilateral above knee amputation (case specific exceptions are considered)
  • Consistent bowel soiling not able to be contained within an incontinence product
  • Other co-morbidities that prevent the person from walking - spinal cord injury or severe stroke


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Last updated: Thu, 2013-01-24 16:27