Patient Safety Indicators

Committed to Your Safety

St. Joseph's top priority is the safety of our patients

Health care associated infections are an unwelcome reality in modern health care settings across the globe, and as such we strive to prevent and control these infections in our hospital sites.

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Patient Safety Indicators and Infection Rates
St. Joseph's publicly reports on these patient safety indicators and infection rates:

(Note: Rates of ventilator-associated pneumonia and rates of central line infections are not reported because these indicators are specific to critical care or intensive care units, which St. Joseph's does not have.)

St. Joseph's is not included in the annual Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR) report released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). Results are not released for ineligible hospitals (those with less than 2,500 HSMR cases in each of the four years being reported) because the low numbers make the results less stable and, therefore, less reliable.

St. Joseph's infection prevention and control practices, including environmental cleaning practices, are aligned with the Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC) best practices documents, as well as the Ministry’s of Health and Long-Term Care's “Just Clean Your Hands” program. Independent of these initiatives, along with our partner London Health Sciences Centre, we have also formed a Hand Hygiene Improvement Project Steering Committee, to provide direction on development, implementation and evaluation of an effective, sustainable hand hygiene program in our hospitals, which will further support our efforts to continually improve the care we deliver.

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