Academic mission: Teaching

Each year across St. Joseph’s, more than 2,000 students and trainees come to learn from the best. Through technology, learning is also extended to teaching hospitals around the world. Students include medical students, residents and fellows, and health disciplines such as nursing, physiotherapy, psychology, social work, nutrition, therapeutic recreation and spiritual care. Other areas of learning include health administration and a range of corporate and human resource services. The organization annually coordinates placements with more than 70 schools, hospitals and community agencies around the globe.

Those who come for learning are supported by interdisciplinary teams who encourage learning and collaboration guided by the values of respect, excellence and compassion. Our students/trainees are drawn by outstanding care, teaching and research environments across the organization. Indeed, one cannot exist without the other. By integrating excellence and innovation in patient care, education and discovery, St. Joseph’s, in collaboration with our partners, is attracting the best, retaining the best and producing the best. All serve to strengthen the health care system overall and create world-class programs here at St. Joseph’s to provide an exceptional care journey for patients - body, mind and spirit. We will continue to uphold our multi-faceted role as an academic health care organization.

Last updated: Mon, 2015-06-29 13:19