Strategic Plan: Our Services

Across five major sites and through some 50 distinct program and services, many of which extend into our community and region, St. Joseph’s has emerged as a specialty hospital organization in key areas of our health system.

Care of the Elderly

Always part of the distinct histories of our founding organizations, St. Joseph’s is devoted to the special care needs of aging populations. This focus transcends our sites and includes long term and residential care settings, specialized geriatric programs and teams, and a host of outpatient and research initiatives focusing on mobility and activity, cognition, mental health, restoration and all activities that enable independence and quality of life.

Care, Recovery and Rehabilitation

Programs and teams focused on return to maximum function – body, mind and spirit – cut across the sites of St. Joseph’s. Our central hub for community and regional recovery and rehabilitation programs is at Parkwood Institute. Here, the clinical and research synergies in mobility and activity, cognition, brain and mental health, have converged.

Complex Chronic Disease Management

While the label of chronic disease is not well understood by the public, this area of care is the largest and fastest growing health care need of our time. People dealing with long term health issues related to inherited, psychosocial, lifestyle and/or aging come to St. Joseph’s for a range of comprehensive diagnostic, treatment and, when needed, inpatient care.

Specialized Mental Health Care

St. Joseph’s now leads regional specialty mental health services, including adolescents and adults of all ages. We receive patients requiring specialized care from acute care hospitals and provide assessment and treatment services for people whose mental illness has brought them in contact with the legal system.

Diagnostic and Surgery Services

St. Joseph’s diagnostic and surgery programs are at the forefront of technology, education and research with recognition nationally and internationally. In keeping with health care advancements, these services are primarily delivered on an outpatient basis from a broad regional referral base. 

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