St. Joseph's Culture

”It’s different here.” We hear this frequently from patients, residents, families, staff, physicians, donors and students. Woven through more than 145 years is a charism – a gift given to us through a chain of mission and faith. From the first three Sisters who opened Mount Hope Orphanage to the founders of the Women’s Christian Association of London who visited people in prison and took care of frail elderly people, to the men and women who spearheaded care at our region’s first mental health hospitals, we are built on the convergence of roots of love for one another.

Despite decades of change, revolutionary advances in care, and seismic shifts in our roles, St. Joseph’s roots in the calling and devotion to serve remains. While propelled always by emerging needs, new ways to improve care, and the boundless possibilities of science and technology, St. Joseph’s is also committed to preserving and enriching its culture, which has anchored the organization through times of tremendous change.

It is a culture with fine nuances and robust practices, leading to continuously improved results. The cornerstone is a set of core values – respect, excellence and compassion – aligned with the principles of Canadian Catholic health care and a can-do attitude where ideas are solicited and explored, learning is embraced and feedback is continually sought and shared.

As in the founding story of Catholic health care, the Parable of the Good Samaritan, we do not do this alone. We seek the wisdom of others. We act in relationship with other organizations and our community as a whole. We recognize that everyone has a leadership role to play in their own service and accountability, and as part of a high performing team. For us, a workplace of choice is a place where we feel personally fulfilled by the work we do and where gratitude is expressed and milestones celebrated.

Culture outperforms strategy every time… and culture with strategy is unbeatable.

-Quint Studer

“It is evident to all of us, and the patients especially, what an incredible place St. Joseph’s is. We are surrounded by incredibly kind, compassionate, skilled individuals who we truly love to work with…There is a history and standard this hospital has maintained that is unlike most other places, and that we are lucky to step into and experience briefly and to learn from…It is our hope that, where ever we end up, we bring this passion with us and share it with those we work with and our future patients.”

Dr. Golnaz Naderkhami
Dr. Siobhan Telfer
Dr. Marie Dion
Medical Residents
St. Joseph’s Urology Centre
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