Strategic Plan 2015 to 2018

nurse with patient in pacu

Imagine reaching the end of a journey that took seventeen years to complete – one in which you added thousands of people to your community; where you went from two geographic locations to 23, and then back to 17; where you then said goodbye to upwards of 25 different parts of your community and welcomed a dozen more; where you built two new buildings, renovated approximately 1,080,000 square feet of existing space; and, while on the way, you addressed emerging cost pressures in a constrained economic environment. Now, picture all this done. Who are you now? Who needs your care and service? What is your purpose? What will you do next?

This is St. Joseph’s time to pause, to celebrate the accomplishments and to look forward. The emergence from the hospital restructuring journey – ours the most complex of any in Ontario – began in our last strategic plan (2012 to 2015).

Today, we re-set our goals and priorities for 2015-2018 in this strategic plan. We do not do this alone. We are part of the fabric of a hospital and academic health care system that can now only thrive in close relationship and mutual dependency.

We are part of a system where too many people continue to encounter long waits, poor transitions between care providers, and experiences that impact their outcomes and overall journey. Our system is facing extraordinary pressures, including financial constraint and the growing needs of an aging population. There are continued tensions on where and how to invest limited resources. The system is struggling between the needs and issues of today and the need to take a longer view, including government support for education, research, technology, and system planning.

Thankfully, much is right too, starting with people who make a difference. At St. Joseph’s, our attention to people and culture has held us in good stead. We have learned from our founders and all those who followed that our presence matters as we touch the hearts and lives of our good neighbours.

As an academic hospital organization, we hold a mandate to teach the next generations and to invest in research and leading practices to help overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

This plan builds on our strengths in culture, service, leadership and partnership. It deepens our mission of health and healing. Our vision remains the same – earning the complete confidence of those who come to us for care, learning, discovery and as a volunteers.

Our values of respect, excellence and compassion, as established when our legacy hospital organizations came together between 1997 and 2001 to form today’s St. Joseph’s Health Care London, remain the bedrock on how we lead and serve. 

This plan establishes a mandate for all teams to wrap our care around patients where and when they need our specialized expertise. It establishes priorities for the development and strengthening of care approaches that transcend the boundaries of programs and buildings. This plan lays a foundation for greater integration of education and research within care teams to drive knowledge mobilization and best practice. This plan calls for higher levels of performance and greater overall accountability for achieving results.

This plan reconfirms our focus on safe, responsive care and work environments. It continues the work of strengthening excellence in leadership practice and building highly engaged, highly performing teams.

patient getting a head CT scan

This plan sets a new bar for how we engage patients, residents and families, with a focus on a stronger partnership approach in their own care planning and meaningful involvement in the organization’s design of care and services. It reconfirms our commitment to strong partner relationships with care providers, funders and donors.

Building on our last strategic plan, we have once again identified three areas for clinical, teaching and research excellence. Each of these areas is where we will provide strong corporate focus in order to break new ground and seize opportunities for leadership in care, teaching and research. Having this focus is important in our continued alignment of vision and purpose with Lawson Health Research Institute (Lawson) and St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation.

The imperative to build and nurture strong relationships is evident throughout this plan. Relationships are the essence of our mission. Partnerships are key to the achievement of our vision and to the contributions we make to the health care system as a whole. We recognize that in partnerships, there is a time to lead, a time to collaborate and a time to follow. This approach includes actions of advocacy, for example, where we may join with others or take up a leadership voice and role.

We have once again framed the strategic plan within a three-year planning cycle, with strategic priorities reviewed and renewed each year, along with our measures of success. We know that the major themes of this plan, however, set in place a longer horizon – goals to strive for as we continue the chain of mission first established in 1869

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