Our Patients, Residents and Families


Guided by their voices; excellence always

Grounded in our culture of compassionate care and building on the establishment of patient and family councils, we will enhance the patient experience through active two-way engagement with patients, residents and families. We will establish aggressive targets for quality and safety improvement to earn the complete confidence of all those to come to us for care. While people provide care, technology enables safer and more efficient and effective care. From personal health aides to population enhancements, technology will be an integral part of health care design, led by clinicians, leveraged by researhers and facilitated by technical experts.

By 2018 we will have earned the complete confidence of patients and families: 

  • as partners in care and program design
  • in safe patient care
  • by improving access in innovative ways
  • by providing coordinated care within St. Joseph’s and in collaboration with our partners. 

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spinal chord rehab patient

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