Realizing our Vision

At St. Joseph’s, we aspire to achieve a vision of earning the complete confidence of all who look to St. Joseph’s for care, education and research, and to fulfill the breadth and scope of our mission.

Earning complete confidence stretches us to listen harder, to learn more, to be better. It is about the quality of our presence as we touch the lives of others; body, mind and spirit.

This strategic plan reflects and embraces the passionate and innovative input received from across our community and we thank all who shared their wisdom with us in the development of this plan.

Through this plan, we establish our strategic goals and priorities building on our successes, recognizing our unique contributions to the health care system while being responsive to the changing needs of our community and region.

It gives us focus and yet recognizes the scope and complexities of our mission within the health care system. It calls us to listen, to reach across and beyond our teams, program and organizational boundaries, to continuously improve, to build strong relationships - to be our best. It offers clarity about priorities and provides the space for annual review.

Realizing this plan will take a community of compassionate and devoted people. After 150 years we are blessed to experience the knowledge and skills of each new generation as they take up service here. We remain committed to being responsible stewards of the talents, resources and legacy we hold.

As we navigate through turbulent waters with this new compass, it is imperative that we continue to engage others in conversations about planning St. Joseph’s future. We look forward to fostering new innovative approaches to care guided by the voices of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph, our patients, residents and their families. As a powerful, dedicated and gifted team, we will bring life to every word in this strategic plan in our daily work at the service of others.

As with all plans, we must be prepared for change when prevailing winds change. We will make adjustments together. We will measure and share our results.

We look forward to the journey.

Margaret McLaughlin
Chair, Board of Directors
Dr. Gillian Kernaghan 
President and CEO 
Last updated: Wed, 2015-06-17 08:37