Clinical, Education and Research Excellence


Drive the best practices of tomorrow

We serve many groups of people at St. Joseph’s. Every program and service matters; and we strive to be our best, to earn complete confidence in all we do. This is a privilege and also a challenge. The privilege is to share our gifts and our calling with so many – to thrive in diversity and opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and to work in relationship with many partners and donors.

Through research and a spirit of inquiry, questions regarding care today can be answered tomorrow. As new knowledge is implemented in the care environment, it engenders new questions that capture the minds of researchers, and the cycle continues. It is the intentional integration of those who answer the questions and thoughtful implementation into care that drives the best practices of tomorrow.

Building on our research strengths and our unique roles within the academic health care system, the 2015 to 2018 strategic plan identifies three strategic foci:

  • integrated complex, chronic disease management
  • recovery and rehabilitation – body, mind and spirit
  • innovations in ambulatory surgery.

Establishing key areas gives clarity to where we will build on strengths and work to become even stronger, recognized leaders in academic health care. These are areas where much has been achieved and where much is now expected.

Excellence in these areas calls for achievements that surpass current standards. Not only will evidencebased practice be demonstrated, but will be discovered and evaluated. These areas are called to be leaders in integrated and interdisciplinary education and research working collaboratively with our academic partners.

Last updated: Mon, 2015-06-29 13:36