Strategic Priority 2

Recovery and Rehabilitation – body, mind and spirit.

Parkwood Institute was established in November 2014 then our new Mental Health Care Building opened on the same geographic location and next to Parkwood Hospital. The patient and resident populations served at this one geographic location include rehabilitation, specialized geriatrics, complex care, veterans care, and specialized mental health care. Bringing these teams together presents us with the potential to leverage and create new synergies to achieve new breakthroughs in care, recovery and rehabilitation.

We are at an important crossroad where we can fully embrace and renew the ageless knowledge that care of the body, mind and spirit go hand-in-hand.

The development of Cognitive Vitality and Brain Heath has enabled us to bring together clinical and research leaders in areas of rehabilitation, geriatrics, dementia care, acquired brain injury and mental health care - many already nationally and internationally recognized leaders in their individual fields - to explore new ground in advancing collaborative, interdisciplinary research, education and clinical care. Their work continues as they offer interdisciplinary team learning opportunities and identify a set of collaborative research and care projects to further together. 

Lawson Health Research Institute has recently led the development of a Research Strategic Plan for Parkwood Institute which will be vital to building Parkwood Institute’s overall academic reputation. The St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation is also well aligned and supporting the priorities within this plan. 

As our new future emerges, St. Joseph’s regional and provincial role as a leader in recovery and rehabilitation models will grow. This priority will now come alive through the development of a comprehensive blueprint in addition to articulating the overall care, teaching and research priorities to achieve the vision of Parkwood Institute. 

By 2018, Parkwood Institute will be regarded as the provincial leader in integrated recovery and rehabilitation models of care, built on leveraging knowledge and synergies across programs and through interdisciplinary teaching and research. 

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