Strategic Priority 3

Innovation in ambulatory surgery.

Our St. Joseph’s Hospital site is one of few hospitals to transform from a traditional inpatient community teaching hospital to one where the vast majority of visits, procedures and surgeries do not require an overnight stay.

This is a remarkable change within a decade or so as the site continues to be the care, teaching and research home of five major surgery-focused programs: The Roth │McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre is internationally recognized for advanced surgery, technology research and teaching; St. Joseph’s Urology Centre is renowned for innovation in surgery and teaching around the world; the Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre is a unique ambulatory clinic model where diagnostic imaging and surgical care combine in one space to provide screening, assessment, diagnostics and surgical care and advances breast care teaching and research; The Ivey Eye Institute is home to more than 18 ophthalmologists providing medical and surgical eye care, teaching and research. The Ivey Eye institute includes an extensive ophthalmic diagnostic unit featuring 18 different testing modalities. The Otolaryngology Head and Neck Program specializes in care and treatment including surgical procedures for sleep apnea, sinus and ear conditions.

A range of other surgical procedures occur at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Ten state-of-the-art operating rooms are supported by teams ensuring effective prescreening, admission, post surgery care and when necessary, inpatient care. Teams have developed innovative yet consistent practices to ensure safety in our unique ambulatory care environment. We believe our experience positions our teams to continue to innovate and shape best practices for the future. We believe we have the opportunity to build on our experience by identifying new procedures and approaches for the future.

By 2018, St. Joseph’s will be recognized as leaders in ambulatory surgery increasingly shifting toward increased outpatient care through innovation and care process redesign.

Last updated: Mon, 2015-06-22 16:05