Strategic Priority 2

Embrace the relentless pursuit of safety – everywhere. 

Ensuring a safe environment for all must be relentless work for all, starting with leaders. St. Joseph’s has been investing in continuous learning, environmental improvements, technology enhancements and leadership practices aimed at the prevention and/or reduction of risk.

We will further this work, including focusing on patient and staff safety in a more integrated way over the next three years. We will continue to build a culture of trust and shared leadership in which everyone has both a right and a responsibility to identify and speak up about issues that may impact safe, effective practice. This includes patients, residents, families and volunteers, along with physicians, staff and care teams. Our focus on safety will continue to be strengthened through leadership and teams using demonstrated practices, such as hourly rounding, best practice assessments, continuous improvement, and knowledge mobilization.

From patient, resident and family satisfaction feedback, and from quality and safety outcomes, priorities for the St. Joseph’s Quality Improvement Plan and the Mount Hope Quality Improvement Plans will be determined annually. Some priorities, such as hand hygiene and medication reconciliation, have an organization-wide focus and other safety priorities, such as falls with injury and seclusion and restraint, are specific to unique patient and resident populations.

Last updated: Mon, 2015-06-22 12:51