Strategic Priority 3

Optimize transitions through the care system with and for patients, residents and families.

We believe we are uniquely poised to play a stronger role and achieve better results in both access to care and assisting people to navigate through the care system. Our focus on integrated complex chronic disease management and our emerging focus onintegrating recovery and rehabilitation at Parkwood Institute offer new opportunities to bring our specialized services to where patients and residents need them.

Our significant roles now include helping the people in our community and region avoid a hospital or health care residential stay or to successfully return to home and community living after an inpatient stay. 

We are a bridge for the 854,000 individuals we care for as part of our outpatient and outreach activity, in addition to all those who receive inpatient care. We provide extensive regional outreach for and with community care providers. We are also strengthening the use of technology in home and community.

To improve access to care, we will continue to employ innovative ways to engage patients waiting for care, for example in group settings. We will work with more of our specialists as we adopt technology and practices to improve the management of wait lists. We will work with our partners across the region as we grapple with changing volumes. We will employ best practices to affect length of stay, improve our wait times and prevent readmissions. 

Last updated: Wed, 2015-08-05 12:46