Strategic Priority 1

Ensure patients and families are full partners in their care, and in the design, measurement and improvement of care.

This strategic plan calls for us not only to listen and respond to the people at the heart of our mission, but to be guided by their voices, deepening the philosophy of “nothing about me without me”, and following a renewed Patient, Resident and Family Statement of Values.

We will create a corporate-wide framework for patient, resident and family partnership, embracing their involvement in all aspects of care and service planning. The framework itself will be developed in collaboration with patients, residents and families, physicians, leaders and care teams. It will include important initiatives such as Senior Friendly Hospital, cultural diversity enrichment and the review and redevelopment of all current feedback mechanisms.

The framework will identify measures and evaluation of levels of partnership and engagement across St. Joseph’s.

Last updated: Mon, 2015-06-22 12:46