Ambulatory Care: PossAbilities - Assistive Technologies

The PossAbilities Program is a third-party funded assessment service for individuals whose functional independence would be enhanced by Assistive Technology and other enabling technology devices.

PossAbilities provides  assessment, recommendations and information related to:

  • Accessible home control systems for operating appliances and lighting
  • Accessible computer systems like voice recognition and alternative solutions
  • Accessible wheelchair adaptions and integration of home controls
  • Accessible telephone and cellphone technology
  • Accessible solutions for independence in many other daily needs

In addition to the assessment and recommendations, the program also provides training in the use of these technologies.

Assessments are conducted in the hospital or in the individual's residence as appropriate. This program's service is available to those living in Southwestern Ontario.

For more information, please contact:
Don Carlson, P.Eng.
Phone: 519 685-4000 ext. 42720

Service Coordinator: Cathy Nolan
Phone: 519 685-4000 ext. 42499
Fax: 519 685-4066

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