Rheumatology: Interdisciplinary Vasculitis Clinic

The interdisciplinary vasculitis clinic is an outpatient clinic for patients with suspected or diagnosed systemic vasculitis (SV). It was established as part of the Rheumatology Clinic at St. Joseph’s Hospital in January 2012 and currently includes the divisions of nephrology (Dr. William Clark), neurology (Dr. Michael Strong) and rheumatology (Dr. Lillian Barra).

The goals of this clinic are to improve the diagnosis and management of patients with SV by increasing awareness of SV and improving communication and collaboration among the various specialities involved in the care of patients with SV. The interdisciplinary vasculitis clinic also fosters educational initiatives and conducts local, national and international research.

To refer a patient to the interdisciplinary vasculitis clinic: please complete the referral form and fax to 519-646-6072. If patient is an inpatient or requires urgent assessment, please contact the Rheumatology Clinic at  519 646-6100 ext. 66333.

Last updated: Thu, 2017-09-28 09:24