Spiritual Care

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Spirituality and Spiritual Care

Spirituality is our search for wholeness and our need to make sense of our lives.

The definition of spirituality differs from person to person, across ethnicity, gender, class and cultural lines, but a common thread exists; that there is a power greater than oneself implying an intuitive knowing that there is meaning and order to the flow of our lives’ events.

Our human spiritual dimension is a major healing force; it can make the difference between life and death, wellness and illness.

When illness, loss, grief, or pain strike a person, one’s energy is often depleted and spirit is affected, often producing spiritual needs and concerns. People are often energized through their “spirit” resulting in a movement toward wellness and enthusiasm in relationships.

Examples of spiritual needs include hope, meaning, purpose in life, a sense of community, and forgiveness.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu washes the hands of a community member

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