St. Joseph's Hospital: Visitor Parking Information and Maps (including accessible spaces) and Public Transit

Please leave lots of time for parking. There may be times during particularly busy days that the parking garage is completely full. If patients, visitors, staff, students, etc. find this to be the case, there is generally metered parking on the streets around the hospital. There is also the Cheapside parking garage off Cheapside Street. See below. 

The Grosvenor Street Parking Garage



Daily Rate

Monthly Rate

St. Joseph's Hospital

Minimum rate of $4.00 for the first hour and then $2.00 increments every half hour to a maximum of $8.00 after 2 hours.


There are 989 parking spaces in the Grosvenor Street parking garage.

The parking garage entrance is located on Grosvenor Street, across the street from Grosvenor Entrance 1. The garage is connected to Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care through the underground tunnel (take elevators at northwest corner of the garage, see below).

Tunnel Access

When visiting St. Joseph's Hospital and parking in the parking garage on Grosvenor Street the safest and most accessible route is through the tunnel. You can access the tunnel from the west end of the parking garage (closest to Richmond Street) by taking the elevators or stairs to level "B". When returning to your vehicle from Zone A you will need to push "T" (for tunnel) in the elevator.

Parking Pay Stations

Parking pay stations are located on the ground floor of both elevator lobbies located at the north-west and north-centre area of garage. There is also a pay station within the hospital, in the lobby of Grosvenor Entrance 1, Zone A (main entrance off Grosvenor).

To purchase a monthly pass visit the Parking Garage office on the Wellington Street side of the Grosvenor Street Parking Garage - ground floor.

For further information, please call the parking office at 519 646-6100 ext. 65113.

Parking office hours: 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Outside those hours, calls are directed to a 24-hour SP+ call centre. The call centre can also be reached by intercom available on the parking pay machines in the garage's elevator lobby. 

Accessible Parking Spaces
Accessible parking is available on each floor of the Grosvenor Street parking garage at the west end of the garage (closest to the Richmond and Grosvenor Street corner.) These parking spots are located close to the elevator that will take you to the wheelchair-accessible ramp on street level (level 1) or the underground tunnel that connects to both Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care and St. Joseph’s Hospital. Limited spots for accessible parking is also available on Wellington Street and on Grosvenor Street across from the  Urgent Care Centre entrance (Entrance 2).

The Cheapside Street Parking Garage

There are 132 parking spaces in the Cheapside Street parking garage.

This is the closest lot for outpatients with appointments in Zones C and D of the hospital (Diagnostic Imaging, Roth McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre, Hand Therapy, Breast Care Centre, Rheumatology Centre, Physiotherapy Therapy, Occupatinal Theraphy, WSIB Specialty Clinic, Shuttlworth Auditorium).

The entrance to the lot is on Cheapside Street just east of Richmond. It is open from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm, Monday to Friday, and 7:30 am - 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The elevator in the garage connects directly with the Diagnostic Imaging Centre (Level 0) and the G. A. Huot Surgical Centre (Level 1). For appointments in Zone D, exit the parking garage elevator on Level 0 and walk across the lobby to the west side.

The parking pay station is located by the main elevators next to the gift shop in the Zone C lobby.

Parking meters

There are many city parking meters located within walking distance to St. Joseph's Hospital. Rates are posted on the meters.

Street parking

Some of the residential streets that are within walking distance to the health centre offer one or two hour parking. Overnight parking is not permitted. Please be courteous and do not block driveways.

Public Transit

St. Joseph's Hospital is conveniently located in a central location, with easy access to public transportation. Bus stops are located along Richmond Street and close to the Cheapside Street entrances. Contact the London Transit Commission at 519 451-1347 for rates and times.

The following London Transit bus routes will drop you off near entrances to St. Joseph's, see the London Transit trip planner and route schedules for more information:

  • 6 Richmond
  • 13 Wellington
  • 1 Kipps Lane
  • 21 Huron Heights
  • St. Joseph's is also just a few blocks north of Oxford Street, providing easy access from the Oxford St. bus routes.

Courteous parking to ensure maximum lot capacity

To ensure our patients, visitors, staff and physicians have adequate parking Standard Parking (SP+), our parking management company, is enforcing parking regulations across all of St. Joseph’s sites. This is in an effort to address the ongoing complaints regarding cars taking up more than one spot. All users of our parking facilities are asked to pay attention to parking regulations and how you park your vehicle. Vehicles taking up more than one spot will now be ticketed by SP+. As well, those who park for more than 10 minutes in patient drop-off designated areas, in handicapped parking without a permit, at loading docks, and other restricted areas will also find their vehicles being ticketed.

Fines range from $30 to $60 depending on the type of infraction.

Your respect those using our parking lots is greatly appreciated. If you have any parking questions please contact SP+ at

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