Statement of Patient, Resident and Family Values

Earning my complete confidence starts with respect, excellence and compassion. It means always listening to me about what is important to my care and well-being.

Dignity - I am unique.

My dignity – body, mind and spirit – is upheld in every interaction I have at St. Joseph’s. You know me by name; you seek to know who I am. You treat me with respect during the care I receive here and my privacy is important to you. 

Participation - I am a partner in my care.

My voice is important to you. Keep me, with the support of others whom I choose to be part of my circle of care, fully informed of my health condition so I can participate in the best-informed choices about my care. Understand the choices I make today, may be different than my choices tomorrow.

Reliability - I can count on you.

I am confident excellent health care teams will deliver safe and timely care and services using leading technology and equipment.  You are focused on my needs while at St. Joseph’s and if my care transfers you will work in partnership with other health care providers. My whole experience is important to you.

As part of St. Joseph’s 2015 strategic plan, members of our patient, residents and family councils across the organization were engaged in conversations about what is important to their care experience. Six councils participated and reviewed the ‘Statement of Patient, Resident and Family Values’ to create the final version. St. Joseph’s leaders have been engaged and will ensure St. Joseph’s continues to strengthen relationships and partnership with patients, residents and families.

nurse with patient

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