Because our heritage matters... we're carrying it on as we build our future

With construction underway, how are we lovingly protecting a 4,000 pound statue symbolizing St. Joseph's heritage?

Watch as our statue is lifted away for safe keeping...

Every year on March 19, St. Joseph’s celebrates the annual Feast of St. Joseph commemorating Saint Joseph, his life and contributions, and honouring our staff for their contributions they make every day to providing compassionate care.

Statue of St. JosephFor many around the world, St. Joseph’s Day is a day for eating and celebrating with friends and family – at St. Joseph’s it is celebrated with morning refreshments for staff, physicians and volunteers at all St. Joseph’s sites.

Saint Joseph is a symbol of “tireless work” and guardian of those entrusted in his care – and patron of occupations and organizations such as carpenters, the Catholic Church and the Sisters of St. Joseph. His likeness is seen in the stained glass window in the St. Joseph’s Hospital Chapel, and statues both in the interior and exterior of our facilities.

In preparation for the demolition of Zone A at St. Joseph’s Hospital, the statue of Saint Joseph (weighing 4,000 pounds) was carefully removed to be stored for safekeeping during construction. Once construction is complete to the new Zone A, the statue will be returned and placed near the new main entrance on Grosvenor Street in its own garden area. Watch as the statue is carefully removed and placed in safekeeping.

 Watch how we carefully removed the statue of St. Joseph for safe keeping during construction

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St. Joseph's stateue removal
Steps to carefully protect our statue:

  1. The statue is wrapped in carpet underlay to protect the surface during transportation
  2. At the base of the statue, a contractor drills to anchor the rail for the saw to keep it steady during the horizontal separation
  3. Two slings are installed to support the weight of the statue (it weighs 4,000 pounds)
  4. The slings are attached to a crane which will support the statue once the saw has separated the statue from its base
  5. The statue is moved into a protective crate for transportation and storage offsite during construction

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