Strategic Planning Buzz at St. Joseph's

If you haven’t heard the buzzing at St. Joseph’s Health Care London (St. Joseph’s), you will soon.


At St. Joseph’s, we are embarking upon a robust process to develop our next strategic plan. We are now in the third year of our current 2015-2018 strategic plan and as this one comes to a close, we are starting to think about what is next for our organization. 

In order to help us develop this next plan, we will be engaging patients, residents, families, healthcare providers, community partners and donors, as well as staff and physicians, over the next few months, in a dialogue to help inform our strategic priorities for the next three years. Your input and feedback will be invaluable in this process. 

To learn more about you can become involved, see below: How to Get Involved.

The Strategy HiveTMProcess

Working with The Potential Group – an organization that brings a unique, high engagement approach to strategic planning – we have launched their Strategy HiveTM process to move us through the various phases of strategic planning and development, starting with the emergence phase (planning) right through to the harvesting phase (the final strategic plan). There are four key stages as outlined in their diagram below:

Hive pollination step process for strategic planning

We are now entering the pollination – or engagement/consultation phase – which will be taking place throughout September and October.

With more than 30 engagement opportunities planned throughout St. Joseph’s and within our community, you will certainly be hearing that strategic planning buzz soon. 

How to Get Involved

There will be various opportunities for patients, residents, families, healthcare providers, community partners, donors, and other key stakeholders to participate in either pollination sessions or one-on-one interviews.

In addition, we will be launching a series of “big questions” on our website and through social media. One question will be posted every two weeks for a six week period beginning at the end of September.  Everyone will be asked to provide their thoughtful responses to these big questions. The questions will also be displayed on posters in public locations throughout St. Joseph’s various sites for anyone who wishes to provide their thoughts and ideas right on the poster.

Throughout all of these engagement opportunities, everyone is encouraged to think big and beyond today about how St. Joseph’s can become the hospital of the future.

We look forward to your participation, ideas, and input throughout the process.

Last updated: Tue, 2017-11-14 15:01